Dirt Dog, "The Official Hot Dog of Los Angeles™"

So you want the dirt on Dirt Dog eh? Don't worry, we're clean - only when we make your amazing Los Angeles street food that is. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty when it comes to assisting individuals and groups in the communities Dirt Dog resides in, we welcome it.

Our Food Concept

At Dirt Dog, we sell amazing Los Angeles Street food and take it to a level you've never experienced before. Street created recipes, secret high quality ingredients and your food cooked right in front of you all make for a experience your palate will not easily forget. If you are going to cheat, you should make it worthwhile and cheat with us. You won't regret it. With that being said, be loyal to your significant other and both of you should come here and enjoy some amazing Los Angeles Street Food!

Our Community Concept

Dirt Dog believes in reciprocal aid when it comes to our duty in the community. We want to invest in a community that has invested in us. To find out more about Dirt Dog in the community, please read here.

Our Team Concept

To find the right people that embrace who Dirt Dog is and will become.

Our Dirty Little Mission

Los Angeles, Incarnate.

Here is some info that will help you get to know us and our product and we hope you'll give us the opportunity to get to know you! 

Why the name Dirt Dog? Ewwwwww...... (Written by Timothy Cam)

We agree, it is not the most appetizing name for a product, but we have grown to love the name and we hope that you will too! Please allow me to tell a little story on how the name Dirt Dog was coined. In the early 90's I found myself on streets of Downtown Los Angeles most weekends and in the summer. My parents owned a business in Downtown Los Angeles and I found myself in Downtown with little choices for food. One super hot summer day in front of my parent's store, there was a nice Hispanic lady selling hot dogs on a flat grill. I had never seen this before. The hot dog was wrapped in bacon and toppings of grilled onions, bell peppers, red peppers and jalapenos were offered with mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup to sauce it up. My mom told me there would be no way that she would let me try one considering there were cars continuously driving by kicking up dirt into the nice lady's hot dog cart (by the way, her hot dog cart was made out of a shopping cart, brilliant!). But temptation set in and Simon (my brother) and I secretly purchased the bacon wrapped hot dog and devoured it. It was utterly amazing. We found ourselves eating bacon wrapped hot dogs the rest of that summer. My mom would keep telling us to stop eating dirt. Simon found it amusing and started calling them Dirt Dogs. It stuck with us ever since, and we never stopped eating them, no matter how dirty they were. We love the Dirt Dog and it is part of us and our childhood - and adulthood as it would seem.


Who Owns Dirt Dog??

Timothy Cam - Founder, CEO

- Dirt Dog has been Tim's dream since childhood. Thank you for sharing in it. 

Hai Quach - Partner, Investor

- Mr. Quach is the first investor into Dirt Dog aside from Tim. His trust is much appreciated. 

Tiffany Nguyen - Partner, COO

- Tiffany is Tim's partner at Pyramid Alignment (Restaurant Holdings). Tiffany joined the Dirt Dog team in June of 2016 to help support the expansion of Dirt Dog and to improve operations. She is currently our Chief Operations Officer.